Development Update

Development update:

I’ve begun working on the next chapter in the story of Nowhere.

A DLC campaign that will take the crew into the realm of the Xubus’ last conquest, the Orkie Homeword!

Adventurous battles, The history of the Orkies and their downfall as well as new interlewds to unlock!

I’ll be updating my trello¬† development map as I progress.

Current ETA, May 2017


Website update:

Installed the rest of the female NPC data logs.

3 thoughts on “Development Update”

  1. I think I found a bug. On a run after starting a New Game Plus the area to click the Main Quest Mission “Illath Tradeholst” is entirely covered by the Random Encounter “Illath Mana Vaults”

  2. Holy crap. Just spent the last eight or so hours searching for this game. I remember reading about it on a crowd funder of some kind but that’s all and unfortunately the computer I bookmarked it on died a while ago.

    While I don’t have the money for it right now (didn’t know the price when I started looking) this will be a game I’m going to save for.

    Have you thought about advertising or sending review copies to different adult game sites? I ended up searching through several of them on my way here.

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